Smart dress shows how often and where women are groped in clubs

Clubbing and bar hopping with the girls can be one of the best parts of the weekend, but one thing that is certain to ruin an evening out is lecherous men.

Despite the fact that women have campaigned for hundreds of years for equal rights and respect, some men still seem to think that women are mere decorative aspects of a night out, and objectify them to the point of groping and harassment.

Sadly, few women can say they have not had a negative, nonconsensual, lecherous or aggressive experience with a man in a club environment, and there is a 'smart dress' that can now demonstrate the level of unwanted touching women experience. 

The dress was made for Schweppes by Oglivy, as part of their The Dress For Respect campaign (meaning that this dress stands for a demand for respect rather than women having the dress a certain way to be respected) as a response to the fact that 86% of women in Brazil report being groped in a club situation. 

It seems that some men are still completely in denial about the issue of sexual harassment in social settings, despite women vocalising their protest to it in the wake of the #MeToo movement. 

One man interviewed outside the club said: 'Who will go out on a Thursday night to just dance?'

'I think it's just complaining..,about everything!' said another. 

Designers built a dress with sensors, that can record intentional touch contact. 

Three women wore the dress to parties, and the dress recorded each nonconsensual touch they experienced, not including general touches from passers by or accidental bumps.

Over a 3 hour and 47 minute period, the women were touched a combined 157 times without their consent by men. 

This averaged out at over 40 times per hour. 

In the comments section of the video posted by Ogilvy, some men still deny that this is an issue.