Singer fuels Rihanna romance rumours with new track


So we know that Eminem and Rihanna are good buddies since teaming up on their hit Love the Way You Lie, but could there be more to this pair than meets the eye?

Eminem has fuelled rumours of romance between the pair, after making reference to a potential hook-up with the star in his album track ‘Shady XV’.

In a rather explicit lyric, the 42-year-old raps: “What they don’t know is the fact that Rihanna calls me Pinnocchio, meh/ She loves the way I lie/ Sits on my face and waits for my nose to grow”.

Graphic much, Em?

This is the latest controversy to follow the release of the star’s new album.

He landed himself in hot water earlier this month with the release of the track ‘Vegas’, in which he appears to insinuate the rape of Iggy Azalea.

Iggy was furious after listening to the lyrics, and took to her Twitter account to blast the singer, writing: “It’s especially awkward because my 14-year-old brother is the biggest Eminem fan and now the artist he admired says he wants to rape me. Nice!”

If Eminem wanted to cause controversy with his latest release, he is certainly on the right track.