Singer comes under fire for bisexuality remarks


Jessie J has had to defend herself after coming under fire for declaring that her bisexuality was a ‘phase’.

The pop star had said she had dated boys and girls in the past, but in an interview this week, Jessie revealed that she no longer identifies herself as bisexual.

The former The Voice coach said, “For me, [bisexuality] was a phase. But I’m not saying bisexuality is a phase for everybody.”

However, last night, the 26-year-old singer took to Twitter to face up to the backlash over her comments.

“The hate on my TL is uncalled for and ridiculous,” said Jessie. “I apologise to anyone who is offended by me calling dating girls a ‘phase’ but I have to be honest with me for me. And for me it was. What else do I call it if I no longer have a want for it anymore? I’m talking for me remember. Not you.”

She added, “I didn’t generalise, I didn’t say bisexuality isn’t real. It is for some and some people grow up dating both men and woman forever. And that’s ok. And some don’t. Simple. And I don’t have any reason to lie?”

Jessie didn’t go into detail about the messages she had received, but implied that some abuse suggested she only identified herself as bisexual in order to get ahead in the music industry.

“I won’t stand down and be made to feel like I have killed someone or said something that deserves the messages I am currently receiving,” she added. “I did and still do stand for love who you love, whichever gender that is. And I will continue to stand for it and just not act on it because I don’t want to. It isn’t who I am.”