Simple things to help you cure an upset stomach

You may have an upset stomach for a number of reasons. Whatever the reason, try these home remedies to help get rid of that sick feeling. You will be surprised how effective they are and how you have most of them in your kitchen cupboard already.

Burnt toast
It may not sound too appealing for everybody, but the char takes in the toxins that are causing you to feel sick.

Ginger is a well known cure for upset stomachs and in fact, it is true. It neutralises stomach acid which is causing the sick feeling. It is available in many forms, but we especially love it as a hot drink.

The menthol in peppermint leaves is very helpful for when you are feeling sick. Try sucking on a sweet or making yourself a peppermint tea.

Fresh lemon
The smell of citrus in lemons can calm your stomach. Cut it in half and position it close enough that you can smell it. 

Frozen fruit
Sucking on frozen fruit may not sound particularly effective, but it is. The sharp flavour of a lemon or lime can cure your stomach and help you take your mind off it.