Shower BEER…?! We don’t know whether to love it or think it’s weird

A beer in the shower? Sure, our mothers would have slated us if she ever saw the likes.

But, it's actually quite popular around the US, and even Margot Robbie is a firm believer that having a beer in the shower before bed cures insomnia.

So, when we saw these beers exclusive to showering, we didn't know whether to say 'WTF?' or, 'that's a fabulous idea'.

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Swedish agency, Snask, teamed up with a brewery in Stockholm called PangPang, to create beers designed to drink while you're, er, cleaning yourself.

Simply named, Shower Beer, it's not the light, refreshing beer you'd think it would be, and instead, packs a bit of a punch coming in with a 10 percent alcohol content.

The bottle is small though, and was specifically designed to "gulp in three sips while standing in the shower getting ready for the night."

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And it's proved to be extremely popular, with the first batch selling out almost straight away.

If you fancy it though, don't worry, because Snask is trying to get distributors "in order to be able to shower this whole planet with this brew."

OK… we're in.