Shotgun! 9 things that happen on EVERY road trip with the squad


There's literally nothing like a road trip with the ladies in your life.

And while the destination is obviously pretty damn important, we'll be honest and admit that the journey itself warrants almost the same amount of excitement.

From the playlist created especially for the trip to the NSFW back seat selfies, road trips tend to reduce us to a crowd of giddy young ones who almost burst with excitement at the prospect of donning shades and popping the sunroof.

And here are just 9 things that happen on every one of them…

1. There will be one person who holds everyone up

A group text will have been sent confirming a time, and everyone will have promised to stick to it, but that's because some people in your quad are bare-faced liars.

Whether it's because they got up late, had to wait for clothes to dry or got stuck into a boxset binge, one person will hold up the whole show and be made apologise by doing the icecream run in Moate.

"And three hours later, we're off!"

2. There will be an argument over shotgun

No matter how certain you are of the rules, someone in the squad will invariably attempt to throw a spanner in the works with a 'new' one.

And if you're the person who called it, you can be damn sure you won't be giving it up without a fight.

"This isn't a laughing matter. Get the hell out of my way."

3. There will be a resounding chorus of 'TUNE!' every ten minutes

Every squad has a road trip playlist, and every squad's road trip play list is full of absolute bangers.

From throwbacks to school days to power ballads you can belt out, the play list will please everyone, and the person responsible for the volume will feel only God-like.

"This Romeo is bleeeding, but you can't see his bloooood!"

4. There will be a demand for silence when the driver takes a wrong turn

There will always come a moment when the sound of the squad's caterwauling will get too much for the driver, who will subsequently demand a time-out from everyone.

This normally coincides with the moment the driver realises they have missed an exit, and needs to blame everyone but themselves.

"I wouldn't have missed it if you lot hadn't been murdering that One Direction song."

5. There will be a dispute over the directions

Step up, the classic back seat driver.

This person will not only have some sage words of advice for the driver on their ability behind the wheel, but insist that they could have found a shorter way.

"So help me God if someone doesn't shut her up, I'll leave her at the next petrol station."

6. There will be one person who falls asleep and misses half the craic

As long as it's not the driver, no one cares.

But the person who hopped aboard the sleepy-train cares. And they care A LOT.

"You didn't even wake me for the second ice cream stop? I'm fuming with all of you."

7. There will be a heated moment when someone tries to call shotgun for the way back

A mere hour or so after the first shotgun argument came to an end, someone will tentatively try to claim the front seat for the return journey.

They will be immediately advised to cop on to themselves, and quickly offered a distraction.

"You can't call shotgun when someone is IN shotgun. What's wrong with you?"

8. There will be a panicked call home 

At some point in the journey, there will be a moment of panic when someone forgets whether they packed their straightener.

And the driver will refuse to pull over, heave open the boot and allow a distraught squad member to fish through five suitcases, so a phone call is the only viable option.

"Hi, it's me. Can you look in the bedroom and tell me if the straightener is on my bed? And my fake tan mitt while you're at it."

9. There will be a moment when you realise you might have more fun in the car than the actual destination

Between all the arguments, there will be hours of raucous laughter and periods of prolonged giggles.

And you'll all find yourselves wishing that the destination wasn't getting closer with every passing second.

"Do another few spins around the town before we get out there, will you?"