Shocking photo emerges of X Factor star unconscious after ‘snorting’ drugs


There is set to be disappointment and sadness for fans of X Factor band Stereo Kicks as member Jake Sims has been snapped in a very compromising situation.

The Sun published a photo of the young boyband member “in a stupor after snorting potentially lethal Class A drug Ketamine.”

The photo is rather shocking as it shows the teen lying down with his eyes rolled back and his tongue hanging out of his mouth. 

The photo is reported to have been from eighteen months ago, but it is clear the star will have some explaining to do if he is to take his singing career any further.

The photo is sure to upset fans of the band, many of whom are quite young.

The 19-year-old was also in the midst of a drugs controversy over several of his old tweets were found to contain references to illegal substances at the beginning of November. 

Stereo Kicks left The X Factor competition last night after a sing-off against Lauren Platt which they lost out on.