Shocking attack on singer stuns music world


So, it looks like veteran rapper P Diddy was far from pleased to learn that fellow rapper Drake had been nominated for two Grammy awards for track 0 To 100/ The Catch Up.

And how did J-Lo’s ex show his displeasure? He punched 28-year-old Drake during a brawl in a Miami nightclub earlier this week and landed the poor guy in hospital, that's how. Woah.

Diddy’s anger apparently stemmed from the fact that he had also been offered the hit track and to Drake’s irritation, he did nothing with it, so the Started From The Bottom singer went ahead and recorded it himself. Not the best move, apparently.

Diddy confronted Drake at Fontainbleau Hotel’s Live club, and according to insiders, said: “You’ll never disrespect me again.” and then punched the rapper.

The editor of Bullet Magazine, Ray LeMoine, who was also in attendance said Drake came out of the altercation a little worse for wear: “Drake definitely got the s**t kicked out of him. I heard they were taking him to hospital.”

While Rick Ross DJ, Sam Sneaker, who was also present and obviously shocked by the event, tweeted: "Y'all pray for Drake."

Drake was indeed brought to hospital and treated for a dislocated shoulder following the scuffle.

Come on boys, play nice!