Shocking stuff! James Arthur says that fame nearly KILLED him

It would seem as though life has not been easy for James Arthur, since he won the X Factor back in 2012!

The reality TV show winner developed a dependence on marijuana and prescription pills shortly after his success, resulting in thoughts of suicide. 

James recently opened up to The Sun, where he spoke of his struggles.

"My lowest moment was when I was going to bed, I'd take 15 pre-rolled joints and smoke one after the other, popping anti-depressants. My head was an absolute mess."

The 28-year-old even said he considered taking his own life at one stage, saying "I'd never been a guy who suffers from suicidal tendencies, but I had taken all I could take from life".

Despite the many demons James faced, he is now totally clean and believes that the music he wrote for his new album is his best work.

Glad to see James is doing better!