‘She’s got all this attitude’ Bruno Mars has branded Adele a DIVA


When it comes to Adele, we won't have a bad word said against her, so when we heard Bruno Mars was going down the 'diva' route while discussing his time with the British singer, we weren't too happy.

Until, that is, we realised Bruno was using diva in a positive sense. (You lucked out this time, Mars.)

While reflecting on time spent in the studio with the Someone Like You singer, Bruno told New York radio show Cubby & Carolina Bermudez In The Morning that he was pretty blown away by the Londoner.

Bruno, who co-wrote All I Ask on the singer's latest album, said: "She walks into the studio, she’s got all this attitude, she’s a diva, she’s like, ‘I don’t want to do this. I don’t like that.'

"And then as soon as we hit a couple chords that she liked, we started rolling, and that’s where we got that song from," he explained.

Sounding properly in awe of the 28-year-old, Bruno added that Adele's presence in the studio is a force to be reckoned with.

She’s incredible,” he added. "There was a moment when she was singing in the booth, and I’m not exaggerating at all and the water was vibrating…like you know that scene in Jurassic Park."

"She’s got some pipes on her, and she’s just a superstar," he gushed before questioning why they have yet to perform the song together in public.

“I don’t know what she’s waiting on, man. I’m like come on Adele, like, send an email, let me know."

Yeah Adele, let him know!