Shaughna Phillips breaks silence on ex-boyfriend Billy in prison

Shaughna Phillips has broken her silence on the imprisonment of her ex-boyfriend.

Mum-of-one Shaughna, who found fame on Love Island in 2020, initially announced her pregnancy with her then-boyfriend Billy in October 2022.

However, just three months later, the dad-to-be was arrested and charged with drug offences. Billy was later sentenced to nine years in prison, and Shaughna is now raising daughter Lucia as a single mum.

Almost one year on from Billy’s arrest, Shaughna has chosen to open up for the first time about the ordeal.

Speaking on her podcast Oh, Baby with co-host Holly Connolly, the 29-year-old recalled finding out about Billy’s arrest.

“I was 30 weeks pregnant and just came back off holiday. I got a call to say that Billy had been arrested. Weirdly, my life kind of changed then,” she detailed, adding that she had “absolutely no idea” about his drug offences.

Shaughna further noted that she kept strong for her baby girl, stating: “I had to be okay. There was a little person that was depending on me for life, so she’s actually my absolute saving grace, and she doesn’t even know it.”

Describing her situation as “gut-wrenching”, the reality star explained that she would “never, ever stop” Billy from seeing eight-month-old Lucia.

“We’re always going to be co-parents and I know that me and my dad had the best relationship ever. To me, my dad is the best person in the world, and I don’t want Lucia to think differently of her father. So, I suppose one benefit is that she is a baby, she’s young, she’s not going to remember any of this,” Shaughna admitted.

“When I was questioning whether or not I was going to take her in to see him, I sat down and I thought to myself, ‘When she’s whatever age, will she be more angry that I took her to see her dad, or will she be more angry that I kept her from her dad for three years?’” she concluded.