Share the scare this Halloween with HARIBO


We’re planning a ‘BOO’tiful Halloween and are preparing to share the scare, all thanks to HARIBO and their perfect potion of treats.

This Halloween may be a little different, but it’s still one of our most exciting times of year! So, we’ve teamed up with HARIBO to give away a Spooktacular prize, including the Hari’BOO’ box of treats – a sweet and sour selection fit for a Halloween feast.

1 lucky winner will peel open their package to reveal a scratch, a screech and a spooky creak. Then there’s a surprise Hari’BOO’ and the treats are on you! Now all who dare can ‘share the scare’.

Brewing up a magical potion of tempting mini treats, the Duo Pack offers a wondrous combination of both HARIBO & MAOAM wrapped sweets.

Perfect for those who like a surprise, TangfasTricks contains both treats and tricks in disguise. While Scaremix, with its assortment of Halloween flavours, is the ideal fun and themed sweet.

Trick or Treat bags complete your prize, perfectly portioned they’re a tasty delight with a selection of spooky shaped jelly treats inside.

Just open up your ‘BOO’ box and unleash the Halloween magic, to go without HARIBO and MAOAM sweets would be nothing short of tragic.

And don’t forget the box is reusable, creative and exciting for everyone; remember to put it away for next year to enjoy safe and responsible Halloween fun!

For a chance to win HARIBO’s Hari’BOO’ box, fill in your details below. And don’t forget to follow Haribo on Facebook and Haribo on Instagram.