Seven signs he’s serious about your relationship!


When you’ve been seeing a guy for a while and are in that awkward place between being casual and being a full-on couple, it can be hard to tell what his intentions are.

Sure, he might stay at yours every so often, but how can you figure out if he actually wants something long-term?

Here are a few tell-tale signs to look out for…

1. Your dates aren’t just same old, same old
At the beginning of a relationship the easiest date options are drinks, dinner or a movie. When he starts talking about doing different things together or wants to show you his favourite hang-out spots, take it as a sign that he’s trying to let you into his world. You’re not just another girl, you’re someone he wants to share more of himself with.

2. He checks in with you about your plans
If he’s “casually” checking what your plans are for the weekend, it’s a sure sign he wants to spend more time with you. We’re not saying you automatically need to start spending every waking moment together, but the fact that he’s considering you in his plans means you’re a priority for him.

3. He talks about you when you’re not there
When you really like someone, they’re in your head all the time, and it’s only natural you’d start throwing their name into conversation. Whether one of your pals gives you the tip-off or whether he off-handedly mentions a conversation he had involving you, the fact that he’s chatting to others about you is a sure sign he’s into you.

4. He’s happy to sit through your fave TV shows, just because
It’s one thing to try to get into your good books before the two of you have had sex, but if you’ve already done the deed and he’s still got no problem catching up on three episodes of Great British Bake Off with you, then he’s a keeper. The fact that he’s still trying to score brownie points even though you’ve been seeing each other a while means he really wants to keep on your good side. Aaaw!

5. He stays for breakfast
If he likes to stick around in the mornings and relax with you rather than legging it out the door, it means he’s not just in this for fun. He values your time and company and can’t wait to get to know you better.

6. It’s not just about sex for him
In an ideal world, none of us would ever feel pressured into having sex with a new person before we were ready, but unfortunately that’s not always the case. If your new guy doesn’t mind waiting until you feel more secure, it shows he cares about your feelings too. Likewise, if he doesn’t disappear off the face of the earth the second the two of you actually do have sex, that’s a sign he’s not just in this for one thing only.

7. He wants to meet the people you care about
Whether it means coming along to Friday night drinks with your ladies, or meeting your parents for dinner, he’s happy to meet the people who are important to you, and he wants to make a good impression.