Serious nostalgia: 20 years later, Spyro is back on our screens


Growing up in the 90s allowed us to be on the precipice of the development of at-home gaming consoles. 

From the GameCube and the Game Boy to the first two (and arguable best two, to the truly nostalgic) PlayStation consoles, it was quite a time to be alive when it came to imaginative gaming.

While the graphics may not have been as sophisticated as what we have today, legendary games were created at the time – and there are reports that one of the PlayStation's most revered character s is making a modern comeback. 


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According to GamesRadar, Spyro the little purple dragon is making it's way back into your lives via a PS4 reboot.

Spyro entertained the masses for years with variations of his adventures defeating the likes of Ripto and Melefor, with Sparx always at his side, of course. 

The reboot is rumoured to include three games, based on Spyro's previous adventures, remastered into one package.


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Last year, Crash Bandicoot, another beloved 90s PS character, got a similar treatment as a PS4 exclusive, to massive success. 

The Crash reboot has sold over 2.5 million copies, and Spyro is expected to see the same success. 

Whenever this game is released, don't expect to see us until we've finished it.