Scrubs fans, rejoice! Staff at Sacred Heart may be making a RETURN


With the return of Gilmore Girls making serious waves both here and across the pond, it's no surprise that certain other shows are starting to wonder whether it might be worth cashing in on the revival trend right now.

And Scrubs is one of them.

While doing a Q&A session on Twitter recently, Zach Braff, who played JD in the popular hospital comedy, revealed that he and his former cast mates often discuss reprising their roles.

"You never know about making more Scrubs episodes," he said of the show which began way back in 2001.

"It's something we all talk about, especially now that all these people are going back and doing, like, Netflix versions of their shows. I'm very jealous of all this Gilmore Girls attention, and Full House," he admitted.

In a move which is set to delight fans of JD, Turk, Carla and Elliott, Zach added: "So, we talk about it every now and then, so you never know. It could happen. I'd do it."

Hear that, ladies? He'd do it.