Scary news as David Beckham has motorbike accident in LA


David Beckham must have been counting his lucky stars yesterday as he narrowly avoided injury in a motorbike accident on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles.

The footballing star lost control of his bike and fell off in the middle of the street, according to TMZ who released this watermarked picture of the fallen bike:

He allegedly tumbled off the vehicle as he swerved to avoid paparazzi on the street.

David had been driving away from the well-known Shamrock Tattoo parlour when the accident happened, and he enlisted the help of some friends from the company to roll the bike back toward the building.

This isn’t David’s first near miss while driving – last year he crashed his Range Rover into a female driver while exiting his home in Beverly Hills without right of way.

We hope he takes yesterday’s events as a lesson to drive safely from now on!