Say what? It looks like love potions could be real in about ten years


We've seen all the films and TV shows where they use a magical potion to make some unsuspecting lonely soul fall in love… and now it might actually become a reality.

We're kinda sceptical though, since the potions never really worked out in any of the movies we saw.

Neuroscientist, Dr Anders Sandberg, from the University of Oxford, told The Independent: “The thing that really creates a bond together is the dopamine system.

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"Many of the symptoms are similar to taking a stimulant effect. You have a dopamine release in your frontal lobe, and this causes you to recognise that this is someone who you should be around, who you should feel close to.”

So basically, he thinks that a love potion could work if its combined with oxytocin, vasopressin and corticotropin-releasing hormone (CPH).

These compounds are essentially what make you miss your significant other when they're away from you.

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We do think this could be a tad bit dodge, but it may be potentially used to strengthen pre-existing relationships.


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