Say hello to your new brow-bestie with this permanent brow tint

We don’t know about you, but after four months in lockdown our brows are in need of some serious TLC!

Enter our new brow bestie — Eylure Dybrow. This permanent tint for brows will give you salon looking results within minutes. Their proven formula will darken your brows to ensure an even colour and leave you with beautifully defined brows.  

Eylure Dybrow is both vegan and cruelty-free and is available in two shades; Dark Brown & Black; which will help you achieve natural  and fuller brows for up to 6 weeks. With a super easy and under 15 minutes application, you’ll be rockin’ your fabulous looking brows in no time.

Eylure’s makeup artist, Sara Sordillo has shared her expert tips with us, to help you through this simple process. 

Before your application, Sara says to “make sure to dye your brows first before plucking or  removing brow hair, as this can open the follicle which could lead to  irritation, infection or ingrown hair if tint goes into it. Grab some Vaseline  and apply it on the skin around your brows to act as a barrier. Don’t be  tempted to put the Vaseline too close to the brows but apply it a few  millimeters around the brows.”

“Using the spoolie provided in the kit, brush the mixed  tint through the brows ensuring the brow hair is completely covered. Brush  up, down and left to right making sure each hair is coated with the tint.”


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“Using a damp cotton pad wipe the tint off your brows  and continue this until there is no product left.” 

Not sure how dark you want to go? Sara explains that you can “shorten the duration the product is left on your brows if you want a  lighter tint. It is much easier to darken your brows by building the tint on and  leaving it for longer.”

Most importantly, make sure to wait 24 hours before applying tan to your face and cleanse the area thoroughly  before doing so. We don’t want orange brows! 

Eylure Dybrow is €9.99 each and is available at Lloyds, McCabes, Meaghers and  all good pharmacies nationwide.