Save calories with these festive drink swaps!

Christmas drinks like mulled wine and creamy liqueurs are generally higher in sugar than other year-round beverages. But do you really know many calories you are really racking up?

According to recent research, the average party-goer will consumer around 4,000 calories during the festive season, which works out at around 40 glasses of wine. When you consider how many "just the ones" you can end up having at parties, gatherings, Christmas dinners and lunches, it doesn't seem all that far fetched.

But not all festive drinks pack in the calories! Here are a few easy swaps to keep in mind over the next few weeks – and remember, moderation is key. Pace your drinking and try to fit in a glass of water at least every second drink.

What you're drinking: Mulled wine

Calorie count: A small 120 ml glass of mulled wine packs in around 190 calories.

Swap for: Switch it up by drinking a glass of regular red wine instead, which contains just 85 calories per 125 ml glass.


What you're drinking: White wine

Calorie count: White wine is higher in sugar than red, and it contains around 100 calories per 125 ml glass – this can increase or decrease depending on the brand and alcohol content.

Swap for: A sparkling drink. Champagne contains around 89 calories per 120 ml flute, and Prosecco contains just 80 calories in the same quantity.


What you're drinking: Cider (hot or cold!)

Calorie count: A pint of cider contains around 230 calories.

Swap for: Beer is actually lower in calories than sugary cider – a pint of lager contains around 164 calories. Of course, spirits will always be one of the most diet-friendly alcoholic beverage. A vodka or gin with tonic generally contains around 80 – 100 calories.