Sarah Jessica Parker opens up about body image struggles

Sarah Jessica Parker has opened up about her difficulties with body image.

The Sex and the City star is currently in the midst of filming the third season of spin-off And Just Like That.

However, Sarah has now admitted that she has ongoing struggles with her body, specifically regarding her weight.


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The 59-year-old has appeared on beauty expert Caroline Hirons’ new podcast, Glad We Had This Chat, during which she chose to get candid about her insecurities.

“A lot of people have their kind of… their cross to bear. I don't like being thin,” she confessed.

“If you met my siblings it's the same genetic make up, and I don't particularly think or celebrate being thin. I would prefer to have weight but that's just the way my body works,” Sarah continued.


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For the first four months of this year, Sarah made her West End debut in the show Plaza Suite, alongside her husband, Matthew Broderick.

Addressing how it affected her weight, Sarah reflected: “The show was so physical. It was a lot that it was like, honestly hard to keep weight on, you know.”

“But I generally feel better when I'm exerting something different than just walking,” she added.


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Elsewhere in the podcast, the actress also took the opportunity to share an insight into her family life. Sarah, who has been married to Ferris Bueller's Day Off actor Matthew since 1997, shares three children with him – son James (21), and twins Marion and Tabitha (14).

“They are mercurial but I feel like that's pretty much right on target for their age. They're mostly really nice. I mean, you know, there are times that I do the wrong thing, say the wrong thing, I annoy them, I'm their mother,” she teased.

“I just don't think their father has the same opportunity to aggravate them. I do their laundry, I tell them this, I make sure they remind them about that. Charge your phone. Can't leave the house. Do this, do that,” she joked further.