Sarah Hyland’s ex-boyfriend feels sorry for himself on Twitter


We reported back in August that Modern Family star Sarah Hyland split from ex-boyfriend Matt Prokop. In the wake of the split, Sarah courageously revealed that she had been the victim of emotional, verbal and physical abuse for four out of the five years that she and Matt were an item, with court documents and restraining orders confirming this.

But now it seems that Matt has a different spin on the story and feels that he’s the wounded party in the whole sorry ordeal. Taking to Twitter to express himself, he lamented the fact that he wouldn't be celebrating Halloween for the first time in 24 years, which may be a not-so-subtle dig towards Sarah, who used coordinate her Halloween costumes with her then-boyfriend.

In addition to this, he posted and deleted an image about suicide as well as lyrics to a love song which include the lines: "Are you lonely? Do you miss me anymore? / Is your heart as empty as these arms that used to hold you?"

It seems like Matt is attempting to make a grab for Sarah’s attention, but Sarah’s frightening claims against her ex-boyfriend that “He [Matt] placed both of his hands around my throat and began to choke me. His grip was so tight that I could not breathe or speak. I was scared and in fear for my life” should mean that Sarah has no intention of engaging with twenty-four-year-old Matt.

We hope the beautiful and talented Sarah is strong enough to ignore Matt’s tweets.