Sam Smith admits to heartbreaking struggles in the past year


While it may seem like life couldn't be better for 22-year-old singer Sam Smith, the talented performer admitted in a recent interview with the Observer Review that this isn't really the case

Having won four Grammy awards in recent weeks, Sam's star couldn't be shining any brighter, but the young singer revealed that he's been struggling to stay grounded over the last year.

Confessing that a huge amount of effort goes into trying to maintain a normal life, the Stay With Me singer said: "I've spent as much energy this past year trying not to go mental as I have plugging my record. You have to."

Revealing that fame isn't always easy to deal with and isn't 'necessarily a nice thing', Sam explains: "It's like your body's trying to float away. And you're hanging on for dear life."

Sam, who has pulled at the heartstrings of music lovers around the world with his incredible debut album In the Lonely Hour, admits that his second album isn't going to be a massive departure from his first.

Continuing to deal with unrequited love and heartbreak, the much-loved star joked that the public may be disappointed with the lack of cheery songs, saying: "Any normal person, after that first record, would think, 'Second album, let's bring out some happy music. Give everyone a break."

But whatever he comes out with is sure to be a corker, right?!