S! TV: So Sue Me’s Suzanne Jackson launches her first nail polish range

Not content with being one of Ireland's leading fashion and beauty bloggers, So Sue Me's Suzanne Jackson has taken on the role of cosmetics queen and launched her own gel nail polish range.

The 25-colour SOSU collection includes high pigment matt and shimmer gel polishes, plus top and base coat polishes to ensure a long-lasting colour. Unlike other gel polishes, the SOSU products can all be removed using a standard nail polish remover, so they're the perfect way to get that salon look at home.

Suzanne has been very hands-on with the development of the range and says, "I have done everything from start to finish. I haven't just thrown my name on this. I don't want it to be a product where I just sign my name away and get money in the end, that's not what this is about."

S! TV's Lisa Kavanagh headed along to the official launch of the range at 10 Ormond Quay last night, and caught up with Suzanne to find out what we can expect from the SOSU collection.