Ryan Tubridy forced to prove he isn’t dead


Radio and TV presenter, Ryan Tubridy, wants all of his fans to know he is alive and well following a satirical newspaper saying he was “found dead inside”.

Waterford Whispers is a fictional newspaper and yesterday uploaded an article with the headline: “Ryan Tubridy Found Dead Inside”.

However, Ryan managed to see the funny side of the article and uploaded a selfie to the 2fm Facebook page writing: “To quote Mark Twain – ‘Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated’. He’s alive and well and back on 2fm at 9am tomorrow morning.”

Many fans of The Late Late Show presenter were outraged at the article and called for it to be removed, but Ryan took it all in his stride: “I know some people took it seriously, but it’s satire, they were just having a joke … I enjoy satire and I’m prone to taking the mick out of people myself.”

Good on you, Tubs!