Ryan Reynolds on his newborn daughter’s name


There has been an incredible amount of rumours surrounding the name of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s newborn daughter.

From Violet to Jamie, the media has been in overdrive, but no confirmation or announcement has been made by the couple yet.

In fact, Ryan has decided to reveal why they are keeping their little girl’s name a secret – by claiming there’s no secret…eh?

“There’s zero secret about it,” the actor told the Associated Press, “That little girl will grow up to be a teenager who will find out I blurted her name out on national television and probable make me pay for it. She will exact her revenge in searing, psychic pain.”

Wow, dramatic much Ryan?!

Getting a little more serious, it seems that their choice not to reveal their child’s name is all down to her right to privacy, which is understandable: “When you put yourself in the public eye, you have to accept certain aspects of it. [But] I think to some degree, if you don’t court it, you don’t have to deal with it so much.”

Hmm, it looks as if we will be waiting a long time to find out this Hollywood baby’s name! We’ll just settle on Jamie for now.