Ryan Gosling speaks out about those poor film reviews


Poor Ryan, as his first directorial film, Lost River, didn’t exactly go down that well with critics in Cannes.

But despite the bad reviews, Ryan Gosling doesn’t seem too upset about it, as he insists that’s the great thing about films in the first place.

“This is the great thing about movies, you get to decide whether you like them or not.”

But even if his new film has received mixed reviews, Ryan seemed to really enjoy his time behind the camera and working with all of the actors from a new perspective.

“It’s a collaboration between your actors and your crew and your cinematographer and everybody puts themselves into the movie and maybe it starts in a very personal way and you know, you have to direct it and you have to shape it but people are contributing themselves to it and it becomes more than just yourself.”

No matter what those film reviews say, we still love you Ryan!