Rupert Grint opens up about ‘ginger bullying’


Having red hair has made people an easy target for bullies since time began, and Harry Potter’s Ron Weasley (aka Rupert Grint) revealed that he was no exception. He listed out some of the names he used to be called in school:

“They’re all variations on ‘Ginge’, ‘M***e’ and ‘Ginger Pubes’. That’s a popular one. Maybe that was bullying. I embraced it.”

You would think that now that he is super rich and famous, having red hair wouldn’t cause him problems anymore, but in fact it just makes him really easy to recognise, which is a big problem when you were in one of the greatest films of all time! Grint says he can’t take public transport anymore because his red hair acts as a “beacon” to fans of the Harry Potter films.

Grint’s fiery hair won’t have anything to do with his latest project Postman Pat though – he has been cast as the voice of Josh, a rival to Postman Pat in a TV talent contest. It sounds original anyway, we can’t wait to check it out!