Is Avril Lavigne back with her ex-husband Chad? Her fans think so

In the words of Avril Lavigne, why do you have to go and make things so complicated?

That's what fans are thinking at the moment as rumours arise that Avril is getting back with her ex-husband Chad Kroeger.

The 31-year-old shared a picture of the pair looking cosy in the recording studio, and many fans flocked to tell her they wish she was back together with her former partner.

One Instagram user said, "Please stay together," while another wrote, "You're my last hope on love." Another one simply said, "CHAVRIL."

Avril has been bust lately recording her sixth studio album, which will be the first bit of music she's produced in three years. 

Now, the picture isn't proof of a romantic reconciliation and Avril is known to stay close to her exes – like she did with Sum 41's Deryck Whibley whom she divorced in 2009 – but fans of the couple are hoping this is the start of something new.