Rules to wearing your favourite sunglasses


With summer looming around the corner, it is time to let out those cute sunglasses you have been saving up for the sun. More than just a fashion accessory, sunglasses are important in protecting the eyes from harmful UV rays from the sun. These rays can damage the lens and cornea of the eyes which may result in eye cataract or skin cancer on the fragile parts of the eyes.

When in the market for sunglasses, it’s not always easy to pick the right one for you due to the influx from different brands. There are two ways to go around bagging the perfect eyepiece; you can buy what’s on-trend in the fashion world or opt for the known classic models such as the Marni sunglasses. Whatever option you choose, classics are known to last you longer and offer quality. Before taking the leap, there are 4 factors that one needs to consider when choosing sunglasses;

Face shape:

It’s crucial to consider your face shape when purchasing sunglasses to get those that look great on you. Just because a pair of sunglasses look good through the store window doesn’t mean they are best suited for you. Below are categories of different faces and which sunglasses are preferred;

Sunglasses for round face

Individuals with round faces have a rounded jaw-line with similar length and width. The best sunglasses for this kind of face would be angular shaped to add some definition to the face. Thick frames are also great as they seem to add some width to the face. Round sunglasses are a definite no-no for these individuals.

Sunglasses for square face

People with square faces have a strong jaw-line with an equally wide forehead. The aim of the sunglasses therefore would be to soften these defined features by either picking round sunglasses or those with teardrop shapes. Metal frames as opposed to plastic would be preferred to make the face appear softer. Avoid square and rectangle frames as they only draw more attention to the angles and make your face appear smaller.

Sunglasses for a heart-shaped face

A heart-shaped face is characterized by a wide forehead with a small tapered chin. The right sunglasses for this face would either be angular sunglasses or those with broader bottom halves to balance the width of the chin.

Sunglasses for an oval-shaped face

An oval-shaped face has all the features well balanced out. The face is however a bit longer than it is wide hence over-sided or teardrop lenses are a great fit. Stay clear of angular styles as they’ll only narrow the face.

Size of the frame

The size of the frame is paramount when picking out sunglasses to pick those that fit close to your face. The more wraparound the sunglasses are, the better to block out as much light as possible. Larger frames are awesome to protect a greater area of your face as opposed to tiny frames.

Quality of sunglasses

The core purpose of sunglasses is the protection from harmful UV rays from the sun. There are plenty of sunglasses in the market but sadly not all do what they are designed to do. Designer dupes and knock-offs offer no UV protection, therefore, allowing harmful rays to enter the eyes through the dilated pupils. Individuals with super sensitive eyes should opt for polarized sunglasses as they offer the greatest UV protection from all horizontal rays.


There is a common misconception that darker lenses are more beneficial than lighter lenses. This is not true; however, the tint of the glasses can help reduce the overall brightness and glare from the eyes. Individuals with sensitive eyes need to purchase grey lenses to block out more visible light.