RTÉ’s Claire Byrne admits she suffers a lot with ‘mammy guilt’


Irish broadcaster and journalist, Claire Byrne has made quite a name for herself in the media landscape and has risen from strength to strength.

Just recently she bagged herself a brand new show on RTÉ Radio One, as she took over the coveted Today Show from Seán O'Rourke, as well as hosting the popular weekly programme, Claire Byrne Live.

However, not everything is as picture perfect as it seems. Claire confessed in an interview with RSVP that she's been suffering from "mammy guilt" due to being away from her three children while working, especially after all of the quality time they shared during lockdown.

"I'm constantly striving to get the balance right but it's never easy. I try to be the mammy who cooks dinner every day but I don’t always succeed and sometimes we have beans and sausages — and that's okay once in a while," Claire admitted.

"I do feel that once I cook dinner and spend time doing homework I'm much more at ease. I always say that I admire stay at home mammy’s because, personally, I would find that really tough," the 45-year-old broadcaster relented, before adding, "You never get the balance perfectly right, but you are always trying."

Claire and her husband Gerry Scollan share three children, seven-year-old Patrick, six-year-old Jane and three-year-old Emma.

Talking about her children's reaction to her television and radio roles, Claire explained, "They are not used to seeing me on TV because the show is on too late. It doesn’t make any difference to them, I am just mammy and they don’t care too much as long as I come home to make their dinner."