RTE robbery? TV3 claims that Fair City stole their Red Rock music


They may be competitors, but it seems that these two Irish television channels have no problem 'borrowing' ideas from one another. 

Reports circulated yesterday that TV3 and RTE are at loggerheads over the use of the same music to promote the channels top two soaps, Red Rock and Fair City. 

TV3 has accused to state broadcaster of robbing the music used to promote their soap in a new Fair City Christmas special advertisement. 

The song in question, Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Lorde, has also previously been used to promote the TV3 soap and now the channel are accusing RTE of stealing their creativity, a source has told the Irish Herald. 

"You know what they say – imitation is the highest form of flattery, so I guess we should be happy."

"Red Rock has really upped the ante in Irish soap land, so it can only be a good thing for the future."

However, an insider at RTE has said that the state broadcaster believes that TV3 has over reacted. 

"It's not like their theme music was taken – the song is really popular and is very well suited to dramatic themes, so that's why it was used."

The two soaps are said to be going head to head in hour long specials that are to be broadcast on Christmas Day. 

May the best soap win!