RTÉ Investigates uncovers illegal botox in beauty industry

A brand new RTÉ Investigates documentary called Botox & Beauty at Any Cost, sees reporter Pamela Fraher go undercover to examine the regulation of the Irish beauty industry. 

The aesthetics industry In particular in Ireland is becoming more and more popular with a record number of people seeking cosmetic procedures. 

But, with it comes the availability of illegal Botox and the sale of prescription medicine across the country.

Cosmetic and clinical treatments have grown enormously in popularity, but the utter lack of regulation has allowed the industry to grow out of control.

RTE Investigates uses covert filming to show the prevalence of unlicensed Botox and weight-loss medicines sold by beauty salons and businesses breaking the law. 

These salons leave the public at potential risk from products and procedures that are not properly fit for purpose.

Dr Eithne Brenner, Aesthetic Medicine Physician reveals, “There are procedures being done in every corner in Ireland today, which are putting people at undue risk”.

RTÉ Investigates will be undercover to examine how prescription only products are moving around beauty salons and across borders.

In the trailer for the upcoming documentary a major supplier selling Botox, instructs the undercover RTÉ Investigates reporter to “Put them in your bag, drive across the border. No police, no customs, no nothing”.

Watch RTÉ Investigates: Botox & Beauty at Any Cost, March 4, 9.35pm on RTÉ One and RTÉ Player.

Watch the full trailer below: