Roxy Horner shares diabetes update after welcoming first child

Roxy Horner has opened up about her struggles with diabetes, six months after welcoming her first child.

In September of last year, the model and her boyfriend, comedian Jack Whitehall, became parents with the birth of their daughter Elsie.

Back in 2021, Roxy discovered that she has type 1 diabetes, and has since remained open with her followers about the disease.


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Now, as she continues to adjust to life as a mum, Roxy has detailed how her ongoing battle with diabetes has affected her motherhood journey.

Last night, the 32-year-old took her Instagram stories and penned a candid message, alongside a stunning snap of herself.

“I like to share my glucose levels with you because it shows reality, a yoyo’ing blood glucose for me includes a lot of micro doses of insulin injections over time and then having to eat when I don’t want to. I know some of the diabetic community follow me and I want you all to know you’re not alone,” Roxy wrote, before going on to reflect on life as a diabetic mother.


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“I will always try to encourage the ‘you can do anything people without diabetes can do’ message (because you can) but I know it’s not easy for you and parents with children with diabetes, I am proud of every one of you for battling this invisible disease daily,” she praised.

Roxy concluded her caption by admitting: “This last week has reminded me of how tough it is. I’m a new mumma yet diabetes has kept me up more than my baby lately.”


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In May 2021, Roxy collapsed during the BRIT Awards, which her partner Jack was hosting. The influencer was rushed to hospital, and was later diagnosed with diabetes.

Speaking about her symptoms, Roxy previously told The Sun: “I felt extremely tired and exhausted for a long time, I had no energy. I couldn’t even go for a walk, it was draining, I felt like I was dying. I was drinking four to eight litres of water a day.”