Rock band call on female fans to strip off at their gigs


Since their ‘sex is on fire,’ rock band Kings of Leon think it’s only fair that their female fans give something back in return.

The band thinks that seeing audience members flash the flesh will add more “variety” to their concerts.

Kings of Leon front man Caleb Followill said, “We’re up there pouring our hearts out and if someone wants to show us a little skin, then that will only add a little variety to our show.”

While the band don’t mind which gender strips off, they say they’d prefer to see women show off their birthday suits at their gigs.

The American musicians think nudity at their shows would spice up their own rock n’roll lifestyles because the band themselves are all “boring and married”.

Band member Jared Followill said, “We are all married, all very faithful and kinda boring now, so it wouldn’t hurt to see a little nudity at a concert, but it never happens.”

“I think the last nudity was [a male streaker at a British show last year]. It did spice up the show a little bit,” he added.