Rise in beard transplants could mean the end of the baby face


As Gordan D’Arcy says goodbye to his beard, it seems facial hair is in fact back in fashion. If your other half can’t quite manage stubble, they can opt for  the latest craze of beard transplants.

There were over 4500 transplants done in the UK last year according to the International Society of Hair Restoration and it seems the numbers are about to rise. The procedure will set you back £4,000 in the UK and about $7,000 in the US.

According to Cosmopolitan, hair transplant surgeon at The Private Clinic Dr Raghu Reddy, said: “Facial hair transplants are continuing to grow in popularity, particularly as we see beards coming back into fashion.”

Talking to the Independent, New York’s facial plastic surgeon Dr. Yael Halaas says men would show him photos of Jake Gyllenhaal and other bearded celebs that they wanted to look like. He said: “The demand for it has definitely increased.”

If it means we will be seeing a lot of David Beckham and Aaron Paul look-a-likes we are definitely not complaining.