Ride on! Christy Moore explains why he is voting YES on May 25th

The fine man that is Christy Moore has recorded a video for the group 'Grandparents for Repeal'. 

In the video, the singer-songwriter explains why he will be voting YES in next week's referendum. 

"I'm voting yes because I think every woman should be given the right to choose her own destiny. I don't think I have any right… I don't even think I have the right to tell somebody how to vote, never mind telling a woman how she should be in her own body."

"Vote with your own conscience, look inside, think about your own daughter, your own sister, your own granddaughter, if they were in some of the terrible situations that women find themselves in, would you not want to help them? Would you not want the right thing for them?"

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The Ride On singer then made a dark, but very valid point.

"Would you force a 14-year-old granddaughter who'd been raped to go through with the pregnancy? We have to think about these things."

Christy also mentioned his late mother, who would have been 93 this year:

"If my mother was alive today, she'd be asking all her sons and daughters to vote yes."

Major respect to Christy for coming out and voicing his beliefs! 

Watch the whole video here folks: