Reality TV star left terrified as house is broken into as she slept


Jodie Marsh was left shaken after two intruders broke into her home while she was there last night.

The model and reality TV star blasted the two men on Twitter, and shared photos of them on her social media channels, writing: “The two dumb arse c**ts that broke into my property last night, I have both your faces on cctv. And I’ve got you messing with my cars…”

Jodie also shared images of the two men, along with some descriptions, urging her followers to help her find them: “These two men broke into my house last night. Please please share this and get it out to as many people as possible so we can catch them. Someone must recognise that horrendous jacket on the man on the left? It's got weird shoulder tags on it. They both are white, around 6ft tall and appear to have quite big noses. They are wearing hoods and jackets. They broke in at 3.55am this morning.”

Obviously quite shaken after the incident, Jodie has now vowed she won’t be staying home alone any longer: “The scariest part is that I was home alone last night!!!! Never again. I’m moving friends in as from today.”

So scary, we hope she is okay – we can't imagine how frightening that must have been!