Reality TV star evacuated from X Factor set after aggressive backlash


Katie Hopkins seems to have finally felt the power of some of her cruel words yesterday as she was escorted from the X Factor set following backlash. 

The backlash came from the families of Stereo Kicks – the eight piece band that Katie has some major issues with, saying: “They look like teenage boys waiting at an STI clinic to find out some really bad news. ‘Oh my God, what have I caught? Who have I slept with?’”

Katie got some serious backlash from the families of the boys for her comments, as a source told The Sun: “The families began shouting and hurling abuse. One of them asked how she’d like it if people abused her children. Katie was rattled – and in the end security and her own chaperone sneaked her out the back way.”

It was also reported that Katie had never received such intense reactions for her words before – which is strange because they are probably some of the mildest words she has said about people in the past!