Reality Stars’ California Gym Closes After Ten Years

In a sad announcement on a recent podcast, reality TV star Tamra Judge has revealed that the gym she opened with her husband back in 2013 has been closed down. The 54-year-old enjoyed huge success with the gym alongside her husband Eddie, aged 49. However, the impact of the global pandemic took its toll on the venture, and it has now been closed.

The couple does have other ventures in place, and one of its very successful ones is a CBD company, Vena CBD. People go online to purchase all sorts of items from the site including Vena CBD gummies, which are among the most popular products. While this business continues to run successfully, the fitness business, CUT Fitness was unable to survive the impact of the global pandemic, and Tamra described the closure as a sad loss.

Selling Equipment from the Gym

Of course, the closure of the gym, which catered to a small group rather than to the masses, has left the couple with a lot of gym equipment that they no longer need. In a bid to sell this, the Judges have been advertising via their own website and on social media.

Some people have made comments on social media claiming that Tamra decided to go back to the reality show, The Real Housewives of Orange County, because the loss of the fitness businesses had taken a financial toll. However, she said that the decision to close the gym was made long before she had been asked to return to the show.

The couple has admitted that the business closure is a big personal loss to them because it focused on personal training and was a small and successful venture until the pandemic hit. Many businesses were forced to close their doors during the pandemic, with businesses such as gyms taking a serious hit. CUT Fitness did enjoy a brief respite for a while once restrictions were lifted, but ultimately it was unable to survive the impact of the pandemic.

Focusing on Other Areas

While the gym might be gone after ten years, the couple has other areas that they will be focusing on. Of course, this includes a successful TV career, but their business activities will also take a front seat. The CBD business that the couple opened, Vena CBD, is doing particularly well thanks to the increased popularity of CBD products over recent years.

The CBD business sells a range of products, and these can be purchased online as well as through Sally Beauty stores. This business shows no signs of a slowdown, and it was unaffected by the pandemic because the items could be purchased safely and conveniently online. In addition, with more people now turning to CBD products, the business can look forward to ongoing growth, which will help to make up for the closure of the couple’s fitness business.

In the meantime, Tamra has spoken openly about how proud she is of what the couple did with the gym, and how sad it is that it had to close.