James Argent comes clean about 8 years of cheating to win Lydia back

Lydia Bright is one patient woman.

The TOWIE star reunited with her ex boyfriend James Argent in last night's dramatic series finale, after he wrote her a letter detailing every single time he had cheated on her during their eight-year relationship.

Speaking about reading the letter, Lydia said it was "quite bad" to discover exactly how many times James had been unfaithful. However she said she was willing to believe he wanted to change for the better.

James was suspended from TOWIE last October after a number of incidents, including a drug test which showed cocaine in his system.

He completed a stint in rehab before returning for this series, and since then, he seems to have been working through his issues, even throwing a huge Mad Hatter themed party in last night's episode to thank his friends for the support they have shown him over the last few months.

Lydia seemed ready to forgive and forget as she discussed the letter with James. "It was definitely hard reading it," she told him. "But I know the person who did all those things wasn't you. It was the person you were when you were going through your crazy period."

Despite James' repeated infidelities, Lydia said she believed she could learn to trust him again.

"I'd be naive to think that after going through this that we will just run off into the sunset holding hands. That's not going to happen. There are going to be huge trust issues – but we can work on them."

During their tearful reunion, the pair began discussing their dreams of marriage and a future together. "Lydia, I worship the ground you walk on. I adore you," James admitted to his girlfriend. 

"When I dream about getting married, you are the only person I imagine at the altar with me. There has to be a reason why we always end up back together. But if we decide to give this another shot, this has to be it now. It's serious now. You and me forever. I love you."

Lydia seemed equally smitten, telling James, "I love you more."

It seems like they really are willing to make a go of things – we hope it works out.