Reality star slammed for ‘domestic abuse’ joke


Celebs – have they learned nothing from social media?

It seems that every week someone new is coming under fire over a distasteful or controversial tweet or Instagram snap, and the latest person to be targeted is socialite and reality star Lady Victoria Hervey.

Victoria has incurred the wrath of social media for a tweet in which she appears to be making a joke out of domestic abuse.

Sharing a photo of herself post-training for Channel 4’s upcoming reality show The Jump, she showed off some bruising underneath her arm.

Her caption, which has left her followers furious, read: “Rocking the battered housewife look. New war wounds from bobsleigh, can we please get an arnica asap!”

One outraged user slammed Victoria over the post, writing: “The fact that you uploaded a picture of a bruise and claimed to be ‘rocking the battered housewife look’ disgusts me. Domestic violence isn’t funny or glamorous and it’s nothing to aspire to ‘rock’. What a vile thing to say.”

Needless to say, the post has now been removed from Victoria’s account.

Seriously, we wonder what goes on in these stars’ heads sometimes.