Reality star questioned by police for breaking into ex-boyfriend’s home!


Reality star and model Francesca Eastwood faced police questioning last night after she was accused of a break-in… at her ex-boyfriend’s house!

Police were called to Tyler Shield’s LA home after reports of broken glass on the property. Tyler, a well-known celebrity photographer, was not home at the time. Francesca was apparently carrying property out of the house when the cops arrived.

A source close to Francesca, daughter of actor Clint Eastwood, said that her name was still on the lease and so she did not break any laws. Hmmm… strange that she decided to break the front door down! The insider claimed that Francesca was retrieving personal belongings, including clothes and pictures.

When Shield’s returned home, he spoke briefly to TMZ as he cleaned up the glass from his front door. He said only, “somebody just broke this and they’re gonna pay a lot of money for a pair of jeans.”

Wow, we hope they were nice jeans at least!