Random occasions you should celebrate with your man!

Events like birthdays, Valentine’s and Christmas are great excuses to show our other half just how much they mean to us. But for the rest of the year, it’s easy to slack off when it comes to our relationship.

Little touches like a sweet note or a surprise gift don’t take much effort but they go a long way toward keeping that spark alive.

Here are some random occasions that we believe should be celebrated or marked in some way – if anything else it’s an excuse to have some fun together!

1. The anniversary of your first date
Forget the day you two met or became a couple, your first date was where it all really kicked off. Why not re-create the night once a year? It’ll be much more fun without that first-date awkwardness, we promise!

2. A “skipping the gym” night
No matter how much you enjoy that post-workout buzz (if it even exists) sometimes you both just need to take an evening to relax, eat pizza and enjoy each other’s company. Maybe you do this every night, anyway – it’s still worth celebrating!

3. Laundry night
Woo-hoo, dirty clothes! Throw on some epic Eighties power ballads, get the washing and drying done and sit around in those weirdly-fitting trackie bottoms you always wear when nothing else is clean. Who needs glamour, anyway?

4. An “I can’t be bothered to cook” night
When you’re wrecked after work and really can’t face the kitchen, make a date night out of it! Head out for an impromptu dinner, order in, or if your bank balance is low have a bit of craic making weird sandwiches out of whatever’s left in the cupboard. Tayto and banana sambo anyone?

5. The end of your period
It’s over for another month – get to the bedroom! Enough said.

6. Your “moving in together” anniversary
You’ve survived each other for a year (or two, or three), it’s time to celebrate. We reckon this one calls for a bottle of wine and a delish dinner together at the very least.

7. The anniversary of your first takeaway
It’s a big thing ordering in together, you know. It means you’ve let your guard down and are willing to let him see just how much Kung Pao Chicken you deem as “one portion.” What better way to mark this very significant event than with more takeaway?!

8. Your 100th Tuesday together
If you find official “one year” anniversaries a bit cringey, wait a bit longer and celebrate your 100th week together. One hundred is a pretty huge number – we reckon it’s worth making a big deal out of it!