Quick, call Kanye! This is the perfect crib for North


Kanye West is sure to put in a bid for this solid gold crib – on sale for almost £10 million. Sure that’s pocket change to West, right?

The golden crib was created by Ximo Talamantes, designer and CEO of Suommo. The crib is from the Dodo Bassinet collection, and you can get it in gold, black, silver, white and rose gold designs.

Suommo artist and manager Rafael Esmila said: “Our cribs are embellished with the highest quality materials: natural wild silk, together with Pima cotton and gold yarn embroideries.

“London is one of our most popular markets, but we also receive orders from all over the world.”

You can have the crib engraved if you like, all for a mere £71,380.

We knew babies were expensive, but this is just ridiculous!