Quick and healthy lunches for girls on the go

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Whether you’re in college or working nine-to-five in an office, a healthy lunch can sometimes be an impossible task.

There just isn’t enough time during the day, as you deal with an ever-growing to do list, and when you finally get home that night, you can barely take your shoes off, never mind begin preparing a tasty lunch for the next day!

Thankfully we have an excellent solution to your lunchtime problem: John West Steam Pots.

A combination of omega-packed tuna and whole-grain couscous, these steam pots are so packed with flavour it won’t feel like you’re eating something healthy – and all you need is a kettle.

When we want a quick lunch, we tend to go for carb-packed sandwiches or pasta that can make us feel sluggish and normally results in a 3pm slump. These John West Steam Pots are protein-based, making you feel full and energetic instead of lethargic.

John West Steam Pots are a great choice of flavour-packed meals that you can make in minutes by simply adding boiling water. Once the couscous has cooked in the water, you simply stir in the Infusions Tuna for a fast and filling lunch that’s also warm and flavoursome.

These handy pots are simple and quick enough to prepare in the office kitchen and enjoy at your desk, or easy enough to make at home and enjoy in front of the TV.

Flavours include Chilli & Garlic Tuna with Red Pepper Couscous, Soy & Ginger Tuna with Mushroom Couscous, and Basil Tuna with Sun-Dried Tomato Couscous. An easy lunch doesn’t have to mean a boring lunch!

John West Steam Pots are great value at just €2.99 and are available nationwide now.