Proving everyone wrong, eight-year-old Anna Kilmartin is a true inspiration


There are so, so many things that we don’t understand about the world — but for eight-year-old Anna Kilmartin, the only thing she doesn’t understand is the word ‘can’t’.

Despite being told she can’t ride a bike, Anna was one of the youngest people with Down Syndrome ever to learn to do so. And thanks to the support of her family and Special
Olympics Ireland she didn’t stop there either.

Proving everyone wrong, Anna now rides horses and plays basketball too. You see, there’s almost nothing that people with Down Syndrome can’t do once they realise that ‘can’t’ is nothing more than a four letter word.

Little Anna is a true inspiration who reminds us that anything is possible if we put our minds to it.

However, as a lack of funding threatens to put a stop to their sporting and social progress, Special Olympics Ireland needs our help to keep Anna and other athletes like her on that journey.

Due to the pandemic, Special Olympics Ireland has had to cancel nearly all of its community fundraising events — in particular their Annual Bucket Collection Day which normally takes place in April each year.

This year they can’t have their usual 3,000 volunteers out on the streets shaking buckets and raising much needed funds for their 8,000 athletes across the island of Ireland.

Their Can’t Stop Now campaign aims to raise money to help children and adults with intellectual disabilities that have been deeply affected by Covid-19. They’ve come so far, they can’t stop now. So please, dig deep and help if you can.

These donations will help athletes and children like Anna show the world what they can do again — which by the sounds of it is quite a lot.

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