Prince William and Tinie Tempah high-five


Prince William was guest of honour at last night’s BAFTAs and even got a high-five from Tinie Tempah at the start.

The Duke of Cambridge was greeted like a Hollywood star when he arrived on the red carpet, with deafening screams from the crowd that not even Leonardo DiCaprio could muster. The Prince then took the time to pose for a few selfies with his adorning fans because he’s a lovely lad.

However, it wasn’t  just the fans outside who were excited to see him, as Uma Thurman and Leonardo DiCaprio asked organisers what they should do when the Prince entered the room. When they were told to stand, Uma Thurman excitedly said: “‘Great! So exciting to meet a prince.”

As the president of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, the 31-year-old had the lucky job of presenting the BAFTA Fellowship Award to Dame Helen Mirren for her contribution to the film industry.

When presenting the award, he jokingly said about the actress who played the Queen in the movie The Queen, that she is “an extremely talented British actress I should probably call Granny”.

Oh and did we mention the high five?