Preventing running injuries

Running is an increasingly popular sport and there seems neon coloured joggers popping up everywhere you look. However, those who assume that running is nothing more than throwing on a pair of shoes are just asking for trouble.

Stick with us and you’ll be an injury-free running pro…

Buy the right shoes
Running shoes can help reduce injury as they alter your form and how your body deals with the repetitive movements. If your feet hurt after a run, it means that they are not the right ones for you.

Make sure you have a strong core
By keeping your muscles, ligaments and tendons nice and strong, you will automatically protect yourself. When your body is strong, it tells your brain to brace for impact before the foot hits the ground. Remember, strong is the new skinny.

Know your limits
Injuries can happen when you push yourself too far. Build up your running distance a little at a time and don’t assume that you will be able to run that 10k after a few laps around your estate. You won’t.

Now stop looking for excuses and get out there…