Prepare to be terrified as Lucy Beale RETURNS to Eastenders!

It's the storyline that's had us all gripped for months, and now Eastenders fans are finally going to find out who murdered Lucy Beale almost a year ago.

A new teaser trailer for the show's upcoming 30th anniversary episode has been released, with a "week of revelations" set to begin on Monday 16th February.

The haunting clip features a number of spooky happening, from unexplained handprints to creaking swings, ending with Lucy Beale herself floating above the Square.

We know, right? FREAKY.

Lucy's father Ian, her twin Peter, stepmother Jane, Denise Fox, Max Branning, Abi Branning and Jay Brown are among those suspected – but the show's writers have managed to keep the killer's identity under wraps until now. A number of clues have been revealed over the last ten months, including one at last weeks National Television Awards – an audio clip of Oh What A Beautiful Mornin', supposedly the last thing Lucy heard before her death.

It's been SUCH a long wait, as this stage we just want to know who did it!