Baby boom expected after huge surge in pregnancy test sales

It looks like there could be a post-lockdown baby boom, according to research.

Dealz may have solved the mystery of how couples have been keeping themselves occupied during lockdown – a surge in demand for pregnancy test kits.

The discount retailer, which has kept its stores open to sell essential items, has seen weekly sales of €1.50 pregnancy tests rise by 25 per cent since the first week of lockdown.

Dealz findings point to a potential increase in newborn babies in Kerry, Cork, Carlow and Cavan next December and January. Sales of the pregnancy tests were up across the Island of Ireland which means there are likely to be little ones in Limerick and Louth and new arrivals in Waterford and Wexford in the next nine months.

Dublin looks to be the most romantic place in the country, with sales at Dealz Tallaght store surpassing the rest of Ireland. Banana bread clearly isn’t the only bun in the oven!

The next five in the league table of love were Donegal, Cork, Limerick, Louth and Carlow.

Sharon Sheridan, Country Manager for Dealz Ireland said: “If you’ve been wondering how people have been spending their time in lockdown, we’ve found the answer. Couples under the same roof don’t need to worry about social distancing and as our sales figures show, they’ve been getting up close and personal, finding more ways to relax than watching Netflix or doing jigsaws.”

Dealz buyers have already started planning Christmas ranges, but at this rate baby clothes and teddy bears are likely to be top of the gift list.